Who We Are

At Kitali, we connect Leaders with Leaders. Whether your organization is growing or transitioning to meet today’s dynamic economic conditions, attracting and hiring top talent is critical for your organization’s future. Our team is expert in solving your organization’s unique Talent and Recruitment challenges!

We work closely with organizations who appreciate top performing talent is hard to find and want expert help to find it.

We are relentless in our search for discovering the best and brightest talent in the market.

Kitali is a proud supporter of the Burl-Oak Naval Veterans and The Carpenter Hospice.

Our Core Values

  1. We bring honesty and integrity to everything we do.
  2. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to our clients and our candidates.
  3. We are agile and creative in how we approach our work.
  4. We enjoy doing what we do and hope to inspire others!

Retained Recruitment Services

  1. Over 25 years of experience in the Recruitment and Retained Search industry
  2. Executive Search for C-Suite positions, Vice President and Director level leaders
  3. Management Recruitment for Department leadership
  4. Recruitment of Senior Professionals with professional designations or niche skills
  5. Specialized in Information Technology, Engineering, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Accounting & Finance domains
  6. Placement experience across multiple industry verticals including Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain, Healthcare, Financial Services, Banking, Real Estate, Utilities, Government and Not-for-Profit.
  7. An established network of experienced industry leaders and professionals who are receptive to exploring new career opportunities

À-la-Carte Recruitment Services

Job Description Development

Defining the job description is the first and foremost step of the hiring process.  Kitali works with your Hiring Manager and/or Human Resources Team to define the key components required to successfully perform the job:


  • technical and functional skills
  • education, certifications and professional designations
  • required level of practical, hands on experience
  • industry experience
  • soft skills including leadership, people management, team orientation, negotiation, consensus building, decision making, conflict resolution, etc.
  • communication skills
  • role specific success factors
  • other requirements unique to the role and your organization

Job Posting and Resume Screening Services

Kitali’s Job Posting and Resume Screening Services are commonly used by organizations who wish to play an active role in the hiring process but don’t have the time to review hundreds of resumes.  Kitali posts each job on the most productive job sites based on the role requirements.  Typically, job postings are active for 15 days, with 30 day posting packages available for more senior roles or niche positions.  Kitali posts each position under the Kitali brand, ensuring confidentiality for even the most sensitive hiring initiatives.  When the posting period is completed, Kitali reviews the applicant resumes and shortlists the top candidates. You receive a detailed report including all qualified resumes and highlights of the top candidates.

Candidate Screening Services

Kitali will conduct telephone interviews with the candidates you select.  We will screen for the primary requirements of the role, communication skills, salary expectations, availability, career goals, and motivation for change.  These calls typically last between 20 to 40 minutes.  We will follow up with a profile of each candidate contacted as well as provide our recommendations for next steps.

Candidate Interview Services

Kitali will prepare interview questions specific to each role and will meet,Who we are in person, with each candidate you select for interview.  We conduct comprehensive, behavioral based interviews where we assess technical and functional knowledge, professional accomplishments, leadership and strategic planning skills, hands-on practical experience, education, attitude and motivation, soft skills, as well as any other area that is representative of the position’s success factors.  We also interview candidates against your organization’s core values.  This extra step helps to ensure the candidate brings not only the right skills and experience required to the role, but is naturally aligned with your core values.  These meetings typically last between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending upon the level and complexity of the position.  Kitali will follow up with a profile outlining the details of each candidate interviewed as well as recommendations for next steps.

Reference Checking Services

Once a candidate has been selected for hire, Kitali will perform professional references.  We work closely with the candidate to secure the contact information for each reference.  We conduct detailed references with the candidate’s former Hiring Managers to confirm dates of employment, job title, salary, role and responsibilities, past performance, strengths, areas for development, attendance and punctuality, communication and interpersonal skills.  We also gather insight and coaching advise to assist your Hiring Manager in integrating the new employee into your organization.   Kitali is also able to include additional questions related to any area(s) your Hiring Manager would like to further explore, confirm or clarify.

Offer Negotiation

Kitali can work with your organization to prepare a fair and competitive employment offer, reflective of your organization’s compensation structure, the job requirements, and the experience of the selected candidate.  We present the formal offer to the candidate and serve as a liaison between the candidate and your representative through the duration of the offer process.

New Employee Onboarding Services

Kitali is well positioned to assist in the development of a standardized new employee onboarding procedure and accompanying documentation.  Additionally, we can lead and conduct the onsite orientation of new employees upon request.

Job Analysis

As organizations grow, roles and responsibilities within the company change over time.  Kitali’s Job Analysis Services evaluate existing job profiles and updates them to accurately reflect the activities and tasks currently being performed.  We provide recommendations related to changes in the organizational structure and recommend pathways for career progression and succession planning.

Active Recruitment Services (Headhunting)

Kitali offers active recruitment services through a variety of outbound recruiting methods including:  networking, referrals, sourcing from our established database of candidates, as well as actively “headhunting” the passive and active candidate market.

Outsourced Recruitment Services

Some clients prefer to outsource the entire recruitment process with a full time or part time onsite dedicated recruiter.  Kitali can provide onsite recruitment services to support ongoing hiring needs as well as project driven hiring initiatives.

Human Resources Consulting

Kitali offers consulting services related to general HR practices such as employer branding, employee engagement, performance appraisals and special projects.

Career Transition Services

Kitali’s Career Transition Services offer a practical, cost effective solution for small and medium size businesses when they find themselves in the midst of layoffs or terminations. Many organizations want to offer additional support to their former employees as they embark on new employment by offering career transition services. At Kitali, we customize and personalize our program to meet a variety of the needs, preferences and budgets. A dedicated Career Transition Consultant will engage one-on-one with each client to provide continuous support until they successfully land their next position.

Kitali’s Career Transition Services include the following modules:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Self Assessment
  3. Your New Resume
  4. Your Career Marketing Plan
  5. Interviewing – Telling Your Story
  6. Negotiation Strategies
  7. Additional One-on-One Career Coaching
Understanding your business and talent needs is paramount to us.

Meet the Founder

Enjoy what you do and Inspire others!  That’s the driving force behind Kitali Human Capital Solutions’ founder, Judy Duncanson.  Helping clients hire their next superstar employee is what makes a good day, a great day.

Judy brings over 25 years of recruitment industry Founder Judy Duncansonexperience.  She is the primary point of contact for all client relationships and is directly involved with her clients from the initial discovery stage through the duration of the guarantee period.  Judy helps bring the fun back into the recruitment process.

Prior to launching Kitali, Judy held a variety of positions in the recruitment industry.  Her experience has crossed lines over business development and sales, corporate account management, recruitment and branch management.  In these roles, Judy has become a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Recruitment with hands on experience managing both sales and operational functions as well as executive level responsibility for a portfolio of annual revenues upward of $35M US dollars.  She is well versed in the challenges of the recruitment process and has formulated Kitali’s business model to address those challenges.

Judy has a significant network of potential candidates and a strong referral network.  Having held senior roles herself, Judy is adept at networking and interviewing senior leadership candidates up to and including the C-suite.   She is inquisitive and curious, and takes a conversational approach with candidates to uncover those special little details that a traditional interview will often overlook.

Judy is a graduate of McMaster University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Judy is the Vice President of the Hamilton and Area Curling Association (HACA), a Board Member and curler at the Burlington Curling Club, and an active curling member of the Burlington Golf & Country Club.  Judy is also a proud supporter of the Burl-Oak Naval Veterans as well as a volunteer and sponsor of the Annual Halton Veterans Appreciation Lunch.

Judy is a lifetime resident of Burlington, Ontario.  When she’s not nestled away in her office or out and about meeting with clients and candidates, you can find Judy out on one of the many local golf courses still in pursuit to break 100 (a hole-in-one would be fine too!) or at the curling rink plotting to score an 8 ender.  At home, Judy is an avid gardener (more accurately described as a shrub addict), a wine glass junkie and a collector of eccentric looking rocks indigenous to Manitoulin Island.

Why Kitali?

  • Understanding your business and your talent needs is paramount to us.  We will work closely with you to understand your unique hiring requirements and the qualities that mean success in YOUR organization.
  • We are a boutique firm that values quality.  Our team is comprised of senior level professionals who value long term relationships over quick, one-time transactions.
  • Our industry leading service guarantee is a testament to our commitment to presenting qualified candidates whose experience and career objectives are closely aligned to your organization’s current and future direction. We ensure the results you were expecting.
  • We guarantee professional representation of your company throughout the entire recruitment and selection process.  Essentially, we serve as an extension of your organization in the eyes of the market and the candidates we interact with.  We reflect your organization’s strategic goals and core values.

Our Recent Placements

Information Technology

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Senior Director, Business Analytics and Innovation
  • Senior Director, Application Services and PMO
  • Director, Information Technology
  • Director, IT Service Delivery and Infrastructure
  • Director, IT Infrastructure Service and Governance
  • Senior Manager, Infrastructure Engineering
  • Senior Manager, Systems Build
  • Manager, PMO and Service Delivery
  • Manager, Information Technology
  • Manager, Application Services and Business Intelligence
  • Data Architect
  • Program Managers
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Intelligence Developer/Analyst
  • Senior SQL and VB Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • .Net and Java Developers
  • Angular Developer
  • Senior Systems Administrator
  • Senior Network Administrator
  • IT Service Desk Lead
  • Provisioning Analyst

Sales and Operations

  • Vice President, Operations
  • Vice President, Sales
  • Director, Sales
  • Director of Sales and Service Delivery
  • Business Operations Manager
  • Senior Manager, Sales Automation and CRM
  • Senior Manager, Business Development
  • Senior Business Development Manager


  • Vice President, Operations
  • Vice President, Sales
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Hydraulic Technician


  • Director, Digital Marketing
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Manager, Marketing and Communications
  • Manager, Catalog, Research and Product Management

Human Resources

  • Director, Human Resources, Leadership and Development
  • Project Manager – HR Systems
  • Senior Recruiter
  • Technical Recruiter

Accounting and Finance

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Controller
  • Assistant Controller
  • Senior Accounting Clerk
  • Financial Analyst
What Our Clients Are Saying…

I have had the pleasure to work with Judy both in the capacity as a candidate and as a hiring manager. Her ability to understand your requirements and needs from each angle is extremely mature. Her skill sets to find and produce both qualified and best fit candidates are surpassed by no other. It has always been a pleasure to speak to her and cultivate my relationship with such a professional. I highly recommend that if she contacts you, take the time to listen as her input and results are incredible.

Senior Director

Financial Services

Judy is an incredible professional whom I have worked with on both ends of the spectrum. As a client, Judy has an invaluable sense of reading people and finding the right people in skills and fit. There are few whom deliver at this caliber.

IT Operations Manager

Insurance and Government Services

I've had the pleasure of working with Judy for the last few years. Judy's attention to detail and ability to identify a person's strengths and weaknesses make her an invaluable asset not only to a company, but to the candidates she represents.

Senior Manager/IT Consultant

Not for Profit

I have had the pleasure to work with Judy. She communicated very effectively throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her for her skills, approach and professionalism.

Senior Manager

Financial Services

I have had the pleasure to get to know Judy over the past year and find her very professional and personable. She clearly articulates new opportunities and maintains communication throughout the process. I would recommend her to clients and candidates.

Principal and former CIO

IT Consulting

When the pandemic eliminated my job I knew I needed every competitive advantage to help me stand out from the many others who suddenly found themselves in the same position. Kitali's Career Transition Services ensured I was marketing myself effectively using a much improved resume focussed on achievements and transferable skills. The interviewing module helped me up my game when it came to telling my story, and made me a better interviewer as well when hiring my new team. On top of all of that, I was connected to networking resources that were crucial in my career search. This was definitely the right investment in my future.

Paul Ellis
Sales Executive

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